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Haunted Spots of San Diego

Bet there's a lot more than you thought!

Hidden (and HAUNTED) San Diego Website

I have created an in-depth hidden San Diego website so everyone who wants to know of more exploring grounds can be in the "in". If you have any suggestions for the site or other places that should be added, please let me know!


Everyone that see this should post..

I remember the deer ghost,or yes, I do.  Get off of FB and post here!

Jan. 16th, 2012

This place is dead, no pun intended, and I think that should change. (:
By the way, i'm new here.

Elfin forest

In middle school i went to school in Escondido and every day we took the road through Elfin Forest to get to and from school. I always had a really weird feeling every time we went through there. Something about the place was just SO interesting and sooo creepy to me. And then i started hearing stories about it and i got more and more interested in it. After awhile I forgot about the place until the other night when this girl told me she was moving near there and then I started telling her everything i heard and I started to research it. So I want to hear about what you guys know.

So far I've gathered a few things from on here and through stories over the years, like, 

The church of satan or satans house, the lady in white, finding satanic evidence in the trees, human sacrifices, witchcraft, a dwarf community, and of course the asylum everyone seems to be very unsure about.

Im aware that questhaven is some christian church type thing but i've also read about there being ruins of the asylum near the Elfin Forest sign and that the asylum was a boarding house for the insane around harmony grove.

There isnt hard evidence about anything that i can find online, only stories from other locals. And I honestly think something is being hidden from all of us. So comment here and tell me what other things/places youve heard of/seen there. Im extremely interested in this place and will be visiting it soon so PLEASE leave anything about the place and maybe even directions to some of these places. And if anyone can find any articles on any occurrances there or near there please leave those too. 

thank you.

Last night was amazing! I already wrote about this on my Whaley House page on my website, so I'm just going to copy and paste it here:

I happen to have had a personal ghostly experience in the Whaley House when I was a child and would love to share it with you. These days all of the rooms are glassed off so you can’t go inside them. When I was a kid though, there was only a rope keeping you from going in the rooms, and well, that wasn't going to stop me from going in!

In one of the rooms I went in I remember extremely vividly looking in a long mirror and seeing behind me a young boy (about 5 yrs. old) in a 19th century-style outfit. He had suspenders, a paperboy hat, knee highs, etc. He was talking to a beautiful lady who actually kept looking at me through the mirror and giving me a mischevious smile. She didn't seem evil, but devious. The weird thing about her was that she was all green! I mean green face, clothes, hair, etc. I wasn't scared though. I was intrigued. I heard people coming up the stairs and I instinctively turned to see who it was. The little boy and lady were nowhere to be seen when I looked behind me & when I turned back to look in the mirror, the only person looking at me was my own reflection. The ghostly pair had vanished. It was an amazing experience. At such a young age, when my imagination was still going full-force, it was impossible for me to fully wrap this experience around my head. Regardless though, it has remained vividly in my memory ever since.

Until last night, the only mention I have ever heard or read about a green lady in the Whaley House was in a book I was thumbing through about 8 years back in Old Town. It briefly mentioned a green female spirit that haunts Old Town accompanied with a cheesy illustration of a green ghost woman. I've been kicking myself in the ass ever since for not at least writing down the title and author of that book.

Fast forward to October 31st, 2010. I went to Old Town that night and there was a
group of ghost hunters there advertising their group and putting together haunted tours of the Whaley House. I decided to talk to them about my experience and get their take on it. To my surprise, they were actually very interested in my story and believed me (unlike most people). One of the ladies asked if I would look at some of the female ghosts they were able to capture on camera there and of course, I naturally agreed.

The first photo was of Anna Whaley, the mother. I immediately said no and that she wasn't the lady I saw. She then showed me a second ghostly photo of a female (I can't remember who she said that woman was). Again, no. I explained that she looked to be in her twenties and was beautiful. They both said at the same time “Violet”. They then showed me a ghost photo of Violet, the daughter who committed suicide there. Immediately I knew it was her. They then both got really excited when they realized that Violet had been seen with a green orb around her numerous times and was, in fact, associated with that color. I cannot tell you how excited I was to not only put a face and name to the female ghost that I had seen, but to also have people believe me and give me props for seeing her!!  

Since I learned that the female ghost I saw was Violet Whaley, I began reading up on the Whaley family more. I then learned that a young girl was rumored to haunt the house, but a psychic ghost-hunting group who frequents this place all agreed that there is no spirit of a young girl there but instead of a young boy. That too would go right along with the little boy I saw there! This is all so exciting for me!

Here is a photo of the room I was in when I witnessed the apparitions (which is now glassed off, as shown in the photo):

Maybe I should be part of their ghost-hunting crew......or maybe not. I've had waaaayyy too many hauntings in my life and the one thing I've learned is that I don't like ghost friends in my life at all!

Island of Dolls

I know that this isn't in San Diego but google it. The short story is that theres this town in mexico where these 3 girls use to live. One drowned and haunted this one man. This guy moved there and made sacrifices of dolls to appease the spirit.

The google search will cover it all.

Think the story is for real?

Mission Brewery Haunted?

I have heard stories, anything substantial?
What happened to the layout of hauntedsandiego? It doesn't look good. No offense to whoever changed it, but you should really change it back to how it was before. There's nothing "spooky" about tiki's and a Hawaiian theme. Anyway, I just wanted to share with you some photos of the zombie walk that happens occassionally in downtown San Diego. If you all haven't participated in it yet, I definitely recommend it!

This went on last Thursday. We passed confused tourists, residents and snobs who were eating on the patios of classy restaurants whom pretended to not notice people moaning in front of them while dressed like the dead. It was priceless! Hundreds of people participated, photographers and tourits were taking our photos and afterwards we got to watch the premier of the movie Zombieland for free! BTW, that movie is very good in my opinion, though quite graphic.

We all got ready at my house.

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Graves is haunted! El Cajon

Graves Ave. in El Cajon, Ca is haunted by something unfriendly and evil, I swear. I lived there when I was very young and remember certain things, but my older siblings and parents remember it all and it's unreal! 
When we lived there my dad spoke with the neighbor and the family across the street who had horror stories of their own.  Not to mention we previously lived in an apt. 1 block up on Graves Ave. that was also haunted!
If I told you what we went through you wouldn't beleive me. I can't believe my parents stayed as long as they did but they said it was cheap rent!
I went back eight years ago now that I'm an adult and chatted with another young woman who has lived there since we moved out(I remember playing with her when were getting ready to move out and her family was thinking of moving in)and she invited me in for a minute and I was so uncomfortable I can barely remember what it looked like.  She proceeded to tell me that they have gotten used to the ghosts and that they just tell any overnight guests to ignore the sounds of babies crying or the constant footsteps in the hall because no one is really there!  The worst part is I didn't even mention ghosts.
Does anyone have a similar experience on Graves or in El Cajon?  Was it an ancient burial ground? It is called Graves after all.
Any response is appreciated.