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Elfin forest

In middle school i went to school in Escondido and every day we took the road through Elfin Forest to get to and from school. I always had a really weird feeling every time we went through there. Something about the place was just SO interesting and sooo creepy to me. And then i started hearing stories about it and i got more and more interested in it. After awhile I forgot about the place until the other night when this girl told me she was moving near there and then I started telling her everything i heard and I started to research it. So I want to hear about what you guys know.

So far I've gathered a few things from on here and through stories over the years, like, 

The church of satan or satans house, the lady in white, finding satanic evidence in the trees, human sacrifices, witchcraft, a dwarf community, and of course the asylum everyone seems to be very unsure about.

Im aware that questhaven is some christian church type thing but i've also read about there being ruins of the asylum near the Elfin Forest sign and that the asylum was a boarding house for the insane around harmony grove.

There isnt hard evidence about anything that i can find online, only stories from other locals. And I honestly think something is being hidden from all of us. So comment here and tell me what other things/places youve heard of/seen there. Im extremely interested in this place and will be visiting it soon so PLEASE leave anything about the place and maybe even directions to some of these places. And if anyone can find any articles on any occurrances there or near there please leave those too. 

thank you.


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